The end

This year has probably been the best in my entire life. I got picked up in Las Vegas by my parents and it was amazing. I sat outside the garage from like 9am to 11.30 when I got a text from my dad: “THERE IS NO THINGIE WHERE WE CAN ENTER THE CODE YOU GAVE US!” I was about to reply and then mom called. So I tell her “Stay where you are!” Then I start running. Avery, who was accompanying me out by the garage, ran inside to tell everyone that my parents were here, and TJ started running after me. Let’s start with some basic facts, it was like 100 Fahrenheit or 40 Celsius, the asphalt was black, and I was barefoot. This all resulted in some severe burn-marks on my feet. Then for church add some high-heels. *whine whine whine*

When my parents first came to church they looked at it and were just amazed. “This doesn’t look like a church!” my sister said. Honestly they were right. So when sacrament meeting started then they were even MORE amazed that grown up people could stand up, in front of a crowd and cry. I think it takes guts to do it but it still amazes me.

Yanisa, or my American Lover, came up to me before church and she just hugged me and cried and told me I wasn’t allowed to leave. Trust me when I say that after that I really didn’t want to leave. I just wanted to stay and never return to Sweden. I remember how hard I’d thought it had been to leave my Swedish friends behind but it was NOTHING compared to the feeling of helplessness I felt when I had to say farewell to my American friends, not knowing when I’ll see them again (snapchat does NOT count).

My sister was totally lost during all three hours of church. She was like: “I know English but I really don’t understand a word they’re saying right now …” But she kept up a good smile! I tugged her along with me to all my classes and she didn’t even get to pick! >:] Mwahahahahaha!

After church we went back to my hostfamily’s house for an All-American dinner. The first one my family ever has tasted! If you think about it, you often visit countries and you eat out on restaurants and think to your self, ah this is so *enter country of choice*

So the second day we went and visited my school.DSC_0003 DSC_0015 DSC_0010 DSC_0007

Dad and sis showed out to be the ideal high school students. Who knew? #SleepingInClass

That same evening ,y family and host family went to have dinner at the Charcoal Room. It was so nice even tho it was really sad, knowing that that might be the last time I’ll see them for an unknown number of years. DSC_0071

The next day my family and I had dinner with Paula and Vic. We had said the Cheesecake Factory so naturally I assumed that we should take the one closest to their house … showed out that I had agreed to take the one INSIDE Ceasar’s palace … smart as I am I thought she meant the restaurant in ceasar’s palace OR cheese Cake factory. So how the evening played out was that Vic and Paula went to the Cheesecake Factory in Ceasar’s Palace (the hotel next to ours) and my family went to the one next to Vic and Paula’s house … BRILLIANT! -.-‘ However, it all turned out for the best, we all got together and managed to eat at the same restaurant. After a lot of trouble … caused by me. But I know they’ll miss me and I’ll miss them both just as much. They mean incredibly much to me.


That was the last time I got to see my Vegas people except for Yanisa, who ran in to me when I was at an outlet. I wanted to stick her down in my backpack and bring her with me home to Sweden.

DSC_0116My sister went shopping, she came home with all these after only one day …

DSC_0167Then she found this shirt … and was honestly considering the offer the shirt was proposing … -.-‘

DSC_0192I found a cute shoe that I just HAD to have! So I bought it ^^
DSC_0052I won 10 cents!!!DSC_0207Shopping underwear with STYLE! (and yes this is ok because we don’t even have Victoria’s Secret in Sweden …)

That’s what you guys will see, from my vacation, and this is the last post I’ll ever write on this blog. I hope you guys enjoyed following me throughout my year. I hope this has helped some future students.

This year I have so many people to give thanks to for making this year the best in my whole life.
To my wonderful,lovely and AMAZING host parents who took me in, treated me like one of their own for a year, even though they had five kids already they barely paused to consider my request and took me in without hesitation. For that, I’ll be forever grateful. They also gave me the all-american experience by bringing me around America and showing me all its corners, ups and downs.
And thanks to Rachel, who I didn’t know before I moved in but became the big sister I never had (before), also my favorite shopping buddy in all of America. I’ll truly miss our random shopping sprees in the middle of the night to Wallmart.

Thanks to Ryan, my bigger brother and first American friend (on Facebook as well as irl). You taught me how to debate in every day life and also the english language on a level much more advanced than I could ever hope for. I’ll really miss you trying to speak swedish, and almost sounding good.
Thanks to Kyle for being the most caring person I met in America. And honestly thank you for NEVER letting me forget some of the things I told you.

Thanks to TJ and Avery for being the CUTEST little siblings EVER. Even if you woke me up early in the morning every weekend you stole my heart from day one, cuddling with me, playing with me and TJ for always wanting to bike to 7-eleve to buy slurpees with me.

And thank you to ALL the relatives in the Gardner/Meservey family that I got the chance to meet and get to know. You were just as big a part of my host family as those I have mentioned. Caring for me and talking to me! I’ll NEVER forget you guys! You made me realize what a real American family (relatives and all) really is and how all the crazy holidays are celebrated.

I’ll truly miss that family. Always something going on with them. being home now it’s WAY too quiet. Compared to Vegas where I was almost never alone I’m now always alone and it makes me miss the Meserveys even more.

Special thanks to Vic and Paula for taking care of me when everything just turned upside down, for making sure I got into the right home and for listening when no one else would! You’ll always be like my extra set of grandparents no matter what happens! (And I swear that I’ll help pay for that house on Hawaii if you let me come and visit/stay there for some time! 😛 )

Now to all my amazing friends.

20130721-004005.jpgZoya, you were the first one to talk to me, the first one I really got to know and one of the girls I’ll NEVER forget. Everything we talked about, everything we did, I’ll always keep it close in my heart. These memories will always be some of my best from this year. ❤

20130721-004240.jpgYanisa, except for my host family you were the first one to talk to me in church and we just naturally clicked, great minds think alike my dear American Lover. Our crazy escapes to yogurt land, our countless sleepovers and crazy twerk-parties will never be forgotten. ❤

20130721-004436.jpgKristen, you are my all time debate bestie and nothing will ever change that! We connected over a Disney-playlist and everyone knows that Disney is what brings and keeps people together. We have done so much together (even if most of it was spent at different schools) I don’t want to change any of the bad memories out because you were always present to make it better. You helped me work on debate and make me smarter. You’re the most innocent and loving teenager I’ve ever met and DO NOT EVER CHANGE!!! ❤ And thanks to your family as well for always having me sleep over at the weirdest times and for just being sweet.

20130721-004729.jpgMichellie and Lizy, all of our lunches will never be forgotten, our competitions to get shot-gun, our coffee-sprees before school and Lizzy who drove and bought me Jack-in-the-Box when all the lunches were out.

20130721-005053.jpgBrittany, you were pretty much the reason that I lived through seminary every morning (notice here how I didn’t like our teacher AT ALL) you kept me awake when I almost fell asleep and you listened to my crazy stories from the weekends. You honestly motivated me to do well in Sis Hill’s class. I’ll miss you my cute little sophomore!!<3

20130721-005207.jpgRuben, for always listening, picking me up and hanging out with me late when I was bored. For going to prom with me even though you didn’t know a soul and for never expecting more of me than you know I could give. And thank you for having the cutest car in history!

20130721-005333.jpgSaga, thank you for living close enough for me to ride a bike to you, for being the closest swede so I always had a piece of home close to me. Thank you for always listening and for understanding me when no one else could. Thank you for just being you.

20130721-005554.jpgJulie, thank you for always making me laugh like crazy for the smallest things, even when I was down and no remedy was to be found. Thanks (or not) for getting me hooked at Supernatural and Bones. I will not have a life this summer -.-‘

Thank to my AMAZING neighbors The Hassings, Robyn who was like a free mini-walmart with everything in store, for taking me to see Breaking Dawn as my birtday gift and for always wanting to talk and just do nothing. To Rayne who turned out to be more like me than I ever could imagine and for plotting crazy stunts (that unfortunately never happened). Thanks to Susannah who did my hair for prom, even though you were fully-booked and sick.

20130721-005712.jpg Rayne and I

And to everyone else who I haven’t mentioned here, THANK YOU for existing and making my year perfect, for caring and actually bothering to get to know me even when you found out that I was leaving when the year was over. Thank you. Just, thank you. All of you mattered and I swear I’ll never forget you ❤

Also great thanks to the Lone Moutain Ward for taking me in, treating me like everyone else and making sure I felt welcome and special. You made my Sundays, that could’ve been the dread of the week, the day of the week I looked forward to the most! You’re all so amazing and kind people, making me see that everyone is a human and that we should judge from actions rather than believes and ways of living. Thank you so much for being the best ward in Las Vegas and for letting me spend all that time with you guys ❤

And honestly thanks to my first host family because if you wouldn't have picked me I wouldn't have come to Vegas, if you hadn't thrown me out I never would've been able to move in with the best host family on the planet. So thanks to you as well.

Thanks to all the teacher at Arbor View who taught me about America and treated me like everyone else thus making my American experience complete in all its fashions.
A special thanks to my favorite teacher Mr. Gallagher who had the most entertaining and giving class. I loved being in your class and learning about the world and thus opening my eyes to what I want to do in the future. (Class: International Relations or IR)

My year is over, my second life is already nothing but memories but those memories are from a little girl’s dreams coming true. Memories that I’ll keep close to my heart. Memories I’ll never forget. Don’t forget me America, I’ll be back one day ❤



7 Days

This is a late post I KNOW so fricken judge me! I have ben busy and I’m about to write a bazillion posts just so you guys will know what I’ve been up to for the last month or so … sorry guys.


I have exactly one week left here in my beloved Las Vegas. I have too many people I need to hang out with before I leave and too little time. Also, some people want me to throw a party. You should’ve let me know earlier!! Haha well in 7 days my parents will come and I can barely wait. I’m incredibly excited and omg this is amazing. I just don’t know what to do with the time I have left!!! It’s probably going to end up with not seeing anyone.

Today I held a talk in church. Basically no one was there to hear it. Half my friends were gone. So sad. It was a BIG success and everyone who DID hear it LOVED it! I winged the whole thing.

What I said was how grateful I was for the Meserveys for taking me in, for the church for not judging me and treating me like one of them. Without my host family this year I wouldn’t have had such an amazing year and the church has also greatly helped me. Most of my best friends are in that church. I started to cry even though I tried my hardest not to. I looked at my host dad when I was talking and he was crying as well. They told me afterwards they were really proud of me. The other foreign exchange students came to me afterwards and said: “Why did you have to make that speech?! Now our families wants us to make a speech as well!!” I just laughed hehe.

I’ll miss everyone so much.



Senior week

Okey so here’s the deal: I’m a junior but I’m currently crashing all the senior events. I’m having a blast, meeting all these new people, hanging out with my friends and so on. I’m so happy and I’m just ah. Tonight was the senior BBQ in the butterfly park and I really didn’t take any pictures because tonight was just a night you had to be there to understand the perfectness of. I met so many new people acted all crazy and all because I no longer care. If people think I’m weird let them. I may never see them again and if I do I’ll not remember some of them probably. I had a sick time and I really wish I could go to grad-night on Thursday. If I possibly can I’ll break down in a puddle on the floor and cry in happiness but as it looks right now I’m not. And all my senior friends want me to go. And I want to go. Omg I wish I could go sooooo bad!!!!! Uwaaaaaaah :(( ah well I’ll have to survive. I’ll go to Disneyland with my parents later this summer anyway!! But of it won’t be with my friends but I’m okey with that.

Loving life y’all. I don’t want to ever go home!!!!!!!


World Champions

So this Sunday, yes judge me for being sucky at updating, Sweden played in the World Championship finals in ice-hockey in Sweden. So the result of this was amazing. I have never been so proud of being a swede. We won with 5-1 to Switzerland. Honestly it was beautiful. I didn’t watch it during the game because I was in church at that time. I have never hated being in church but last Sunday I did. Because I missed the game. Well either way I’ve watched it now and it was perfect. So perfect. My Tavi kept me updated every second over twitter and man I love her for it. I’m such a proud swede. Loving my country, having my American friends come up to me and ask me if I’d heard about it or not!!! Ah so epic!!


And then we have our awesome king ofc! Haha so much epicness in one country!!


Eurovision Song Contest 2013

I’m a Swede and for that I’m proud. Yesterday I had 11 exchange students come over, two from Germany, two from Denmark, one from Norway and three from Sweden to watch the biggest musical event in Europe: the Eurovision Song Contest. Everyone was cheering for their own country and by the time we figured out we weren’t allowed to vote we were all really sad. My host siblings Ryan and Rachel was watching it with us and Ryan actually liked it so much he’s now looking up previous years! At the end of the day Denmark won. My friend Julie was really happy because the country who wins gets to host the competition the next year. This year Sweden was hosting. We had some embarrassing inside jokes, awkward hosts and then a really accurate middle act song recapping Sweden. It was so awesome like I can’t believe it ^^

The Germans were the funniest though. They were using dust-wipers instead of flags and every time one of the wipers came up the two Germans burst out laughing it was hilarious!!!!

So next year I’ll be going to Denmark to visit Julie and we’ll go together and watch Eurovision Song Contest live together ^^ I’m excited 😀







That was my Saturday. I had so much fun!!!! Ah I just love the ESC circus! 🙂

eurovision-2013Stolen from go in there for more awesome scandinavian comics!!!! This is the ESC one! Haha!

SHOUTOUT to the Swedish exchange student Rickard who made the watching of the show on a big tv possible!! Ever great full!!


Exchange student dinner

Do you remember that tall, blonde girl? The girl you went to school with? That girl who didn’t know who she was? Who pretended to be brave to hide her insecurities? The girl who didn’t know what she wanted to do with her life? Do you remember her? I do. That girl left 264 days ago and grew up. She left home, family, friends, all she cherished and held close to step out into a bigger world. She got on an airplane with no one she really knew. Landed in Las Vegas to be greeted by strangers. She switched homes. She tried every law there was to see when the limit would be reached. She took every opportunity her life gave her. For a year she lived her dream. For a year she didn’t see anyone from her former life. In less than one year that girl you knew grew up. That girl, is me. I look back at events from earlier, pictures, I can remember her but I also know how different I am from the girl who left. I will never be the same again. I’ll leave my second life here. With people I will barely be able to live without now that they’re in my life.

Tonight was the foreign exchange student dinner at my school. It was so cool and sweet. Caroline from Denmark had made a video from our year here with interviews from all the exchange students, pictures throughout the year. Mr. Peterson had gathered comments from most of our teachers. Mrs. Karn had the most elaborate comments about me! I thought she hated me but it was the complete opposite!  We had a great dinner and received placks and diplomas. (Note to self: get a frame)IMG_5669 IMG_0639My diploma! I need a frame …
IMG_0638My plack! This will go on the wall!!! 😀
IMG_0636My two awesome host siblings and I! Love them!!
IMG_5665 IMG_5662From left to right: Alina (Germany), Caroline (Germany), James (Taiwan), Jannis (Germany), Julie (Denmark), Ramo (Bosnia), Jennifer (Germany), Amalie (Denmark), Caroline (Denmark), Gianlucca (Brasil), Selina (Germany), Amanda (MEE, Sweden), Magnus (Denmark), Yngrid (Brasil), Pluem (Thailand), and the guy from Argentina whom I didn’t even know existed until today and of whom I already forgot the name.
Mr. Peterson and I. I love my counsellor! He’s the best!!

It was all so sweet and it made me realize how little time I have left here. 28 days until I leave my new home, Las Vegas, for no-one-knows-how-long. I’m already looking forward to visiting.